Thousands of truck accidents happen every year and with that there are many more injuries as a result of such accidents. From big rigs to small school buses the amount of damage that all types of trucks can inflict is staggering. Trucks tend to cause much more physical damage as compared to normal passenger cars and sedans, usually due to their weight distribution and size.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a truck accident the repercussions of the accident in question can be debilitating.In addition to the injuries suffered you will be up against commercial insurance carriers who have attorneys fighting hard for them to avoid compensating you. It’s imperative that you seek legal representation following an automobile accident when involving trucks. Effective legal guidance in the time of need is crucial and hiring a competent legal team of professionals such as Ketover & Associates would be your best choice for protection.

Here at Ketover & Associates, LLC we are experienced truck accident lawyer professionals that can provide legal guidance when involved within an automobile accident. Our attorneys have been successfully litigating truck accident cases for decades and have settled hundreds of cases during that time as well. Our team of professionals understands what’s involved in cases such as truck accidents and have many years of experience dealing with cases similar to yours.

We will guide you through the court process and fight for your rights and if you are injured in a truck accident we will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation that you can recover under the law. Do not let the situation get the best of you. Ketover & Associates will always be here to help you through this difficult and trying time.

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