The use of scaffolding when working at an elevated height is probably one of the most common and widely used pieces of construction site safety equipment. However, working at such an elevated height is also the cause of some of the most catastrophic injuries suffered at the construction site. Working on a scaffold, or even an A-Frame or extension ladder, is widely considered one of the more dangerous construction site jobs due to the scale of work and in most cases, the height at which the workers are positioned. Scaffold workers are susceptible to a myriad of injuries such as broken bones, torn ligaments, paralysis, maiming and dismemberments.

Scaffolding plays a vital role in any construction site as scaffolds are necessary to access areas you wouldn’t normally be able to reach with other construction equipment. It’s imperative that scaffold workers be cautious when working in high places as a slip or fall can be fatal. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you are injured on a scaffold it’s important to act fast and seek legal advice. Often times employees are not properly trained in the use of scaffolds, or the scaffolds are assembled poorly or poorly maintained. In other instances the use of safety lines and harnesses are required but rarely are these vital pieces of safety equipment provided to the hard working people who are most at risk.

It’s important to follow up with the aid of an experienced attorney if you are looking to receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Ketover & Associates handles legal cases involving elevated height, scaffold and ladder injuries every year. We have many years of experience dealing with these types of injuries and as such we understand the complexities involved. Our goal at Ketover & Associates is to maximize your compensation, ensure your medical expenses are covered and allow you and your family to heal after suffering a traumatic injury.

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