Partnership Disputes

As with all relationships, disagreements happen from time to time. Business relationships are no different, but more often than not such disagreements can become quite acrimonious and sometimes end up with one party or another being sued. These business disputes can involve distribution of profits (assets and property), account usage, liability, authority, profit sharing, classification of personal assets verse partnership contributions and general discrepancies. Our litigation attorneys at Ketover and Associates have handled numerous business disputes including but not limited to shareholder derivative lawsuits, breach of contract actions and collections.

While it is always better, and more economical, to try and achieve an agreement before going to court there are times when it is simply impossible to do so. This may be the result of one side, or the other, being unreasonable in its demands or not responding to any attempts to resolve the dispute. When faced with such a situation experienced commercial litigation attorneys are your best protection. The team at Ketover and Associates has handled all manner of litigation before the courts of Nassau, Suffolk and the New York Metropolitan area including the Commercial Division and the United States District Court.

The litigation process involves the drafting of a complaint or answer, demands for the discovery of documents, depositions, motions, hearings, subpoenas, and trial exhibit preparation. There are other methods to try and resolve disputes between parties, however both parties must agree. One is through the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) wherein disputes can be resolved through the use of an arbitrator or mediator rather than through the complex process of litigation. The ADR process can save money and move faster; however, you do limit certain remedies that are only available through the courts. Whatever challenge your business faces, Ketover and Associates is fully prepared to defend your rights in the courtroom or the boardroom.

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