Ketover and Associates, LLC handles all types of felony charges. Our criminal defense lawyers deal with anything from grand larceny type charges to assaults to drug and gun sales and possessions.

Ketover and Associates, LLC offers legal help for the crimes that are more serious than a misdemeanors, a felony usually carries a penalty of more than one year in prison. In felony cases, the first appearance is also called the arraignment. After a not guilty plea, the case is set for a preliminary hearing. A preliminary hearing is a hearing in front of a judge, where a grand jury panel listens to the testimony of witnesses and determines whether there is sufficient evidence to make the defendant stand trial. The proof offered at the Grand Jury hearing does not have to be convincing “beyond a reasonable doubt.” All that it must show is that there is a reasonable likelihood that a crime was committed. It is a very easy burden the government has to keep the case alive. At trial, the proof must be convincing beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict someone. The lawyers at Ketover and Associates have extensive experience in dealing and fighting for clients who have been accused of a felony charge. If the felony charge is not dismissed at the grand jury, a trial date or a conference needs to be set to either schedule preliminary hearings or to try and negotiate the best possible plea bargain.

Ketover and Associates is dedicated to bringing you the best possible defense. If you have been wrongly accused of a felony then we will bring the case to trial. However, if you have made a mistake and need to negotiate with the courts we will also help you enter a plea of guilty and get the courts to agree to a lesser sentence based on the admission of guilt and try and get you a lower punishment.

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