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While the issues in divorce are emotional and complex, our philosophy is to help clients pave a path to a new life without burning bridges in the process. Our family law practice is dedicated to protecting your interests while negotiating fair and equitable agreements on marital property, child custody, and financial support.

However there are times when you are left no alternative but to fight. Ketover and Associates is prepared to fight aggressively to make sure you, your family and your assets are protected. You have rights and Ketover and Associates will protect those rights.Here’s a look at what our lawyers can to help you.

Complex process

A divorce can be long and complicated if you have a lot of shared assets or you have a complex financial situation. That’s why hiring the services of a family law attorney in Nassau County is a must. With our lawyers to guide you along, you won’t need to worry about getting lost in the maze of legal clauses and conditions. Your legal advisor will help you navigate through the hoops, explain the process in detail and ensure that you understand everything before you make a decision.

Information and guidance

Whether it’s about distributing your assets and debts or agreeing on the right amount for spousal support, or deciding custody of any children in the marriage, it can be hard for you to understand what’s happening and what the legal terms or clauses mean. That’s where we come in. Our lawyers at Ketover & Associates have the training and expertise to provide you with all the information you need to get a clearer handle on what the developments of the case mean for you. With a better understanding of the case developments, you’re in a much better position to make decisions.

Fast resolution

A divorce or custody case can take a long time. Our lawyers can help by working out what the case needs so it can proceed, whether that means more solid proof or evidence in your favor. We know how to find information and collect data that can have a life-altering effect on the results of your case. If you want the case to be over and done with, then get legal help. Reach out to us for legal assistance and advice at Ketover & Associates.

Settle custody

Deciding on the custody of any children that resulted during the marriage is often a contentious topic, one that has a tendency to be drawn out for years. That’s not in the best interests of your children, though. If you don’t want to see your kids in the middle of a bitter and protracted legal battle, let us help. Our lawyers know how messy this can be and have the experience and knowledge to help prevent or solve any issues in your child custody case.

Strategic plan

Your lawyer will discuss with you how you can win the case. Lawyers with an excellent track record for winning often has a follow-through plan to ensure the best results. Our lawyer’s attention and dedication in providing you with the best means that a strategic plan can help you get on the right track to winning the case.

Positive outcome

A family law lawyer in Nassau County who has more than enough experience in the field knows what steps to take to ensure you get a positive outcome. If you are set on winning that custody battle or getting the amount of spousal support you believe you deserve for all the years your spent in your marriage, then getting an experienced lawyer can help you achieve the outcome you want in court.

Proper handling

Getting legal help right from the start of the case ensures that you have someone who will look out for your interests and those of your kids. Your lawyer is there to make sure your case is handled properly, right from the start. That’s important. It means you won’t need to slow down the case because you failed to follow the proper steps and procedures. Your attorney will take care of all that so you won’t need to. With a lawyer to represent you in court, your case can proceed that much faster, with zero procedural missteps. Avoiding those mistakes can do a lot to ensure that the court will consider the merits of your case.


Hiring the services of an experienced lawyer is well worth the cost, especially when you think about how it can simplify your life and hugely eliminate a ton of the things that can stress you out when you’re tacking a family law case in court.

Less stress

The counsel of an experienced lawyer can help you keep things about the case in perspective. Whether you’re dealing with a divorce or custody battle, having a lawyer who doesn’t give up, who is dedicated to your case and helps you out by fighting for your rights in court all mean you can rest a bit easier, knowing someone is looking out for you. Undergoing a divorce can be a highly stressful experience. But the guidance and counsel of a trusted lawyer can do a lot to reduce the stress you feel.

Fair results

There is no guarantee that the court will rule fairly over your case. But fewer procedural mistakes will give you a much better chance of getting the outcome you want. The same is true for hiring experienced legal help. With our experienced lawyers, you get to do things right.


Agreements don’t mean the end of the world. If you are set on getting the results you want in court, we can point you in the right direction by explaining what your other options are. If you need a post-judgment modification, our lawyers can take on the work for you. Changes in conditions and terms that govern your child support payments or your spousal support can be achieved, with legal help.

Peace of Mind

Divorce, custody battles, child payment support and more—all these cases often refer to a very emotional time for parties involved. Our lawyers understand this. That’s why they do their best to help families move on. By getting the assistance of a seasoned lawyer, you have peace of mind, knowing that your legal advisor is there to ensure the best possible results. If you want to work with a knowledgeable lawyer, then get in touch with us.

Getting help

If you need help for any family law cases, don’t hesitate to reach out to our legal team for help. Find out how we can help you. Call us today.

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