Drug Charges

Have you or someone you know been charged with a drug related crime?

Drug charges cover a broad range of offenses from simple possession of a small amount of certain drugs, to more serious offenses, such as, participation in an ongoing drug-related criminal enterprise or manufacturing and distributing drugs. Even minor charges can be terrifying and carry the risk of serious penalties upon conviction; the more serious charges can give rise to even considerably worse consequences. Many times drug related charges arise from drug addiction. Drug addiction can happen to anyone and to people who don’t necessarily deserve the potentially harsh and life changing consequences. At Ketover and Associates our attorneys align themselves with professionals who can help the addict get on a path to recovery, while simultaneously handling the criminal charges.

The State of New York has a strict penal code for the prosecution of drug-related offenses. This is why, if you find yourself facing drug-related charges in New York, you need skilled, experienced legal representation with expertise in drug crimes. Ketover and Associates’ team of qualified criminal defense lawyers will zealously defend you.

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