Divorce Attorney

Client-Focused NY Divorce Attorneys

If you’ve found yourself in need of divorce negotiation or litigation, the legal team at Ketover & Associates, LLC is ready and willing to represent you. We’re prepared to help you navigate the divorce process, even when the situation is complex. Our family law services extend to residents of Long Island throughout both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY.

Comprehensive Legal Support

The trained attorneys at Ketover & Associates are experienced with handling divorces of all magnitudes, whether contested or uncontested. Safeguarding our clients’ parental rights, financial security, and property are of the utmost importance to us. We understand how traumatizing divorces can be for families, and therefore treat each case individually and with respect. As family law professionals, you can depend on us for nothing less than steadfast legal support from beginning to end.

Negotiations & Settlements

Attempting to negotiate a settlement is always preferable to engaging in a long drawn out court battle. We’ll provide you with a well-practiced divorce lawyer to facilitate negotiations. Not only are negotiated settlements much less stressful for our clients, they’re also highly cost-efficient and effective. Our team of attorneys is experienced with helping clients reach agreements on complex issues through civil, relaxed negotiations.

At Your Service

While uncontested divorces and negotiated settlements are typically the preferred route, there are instances where a contested divorce is the only available option. If your spouse is uncooperative with negotiations, a Ketover & Associates divorce attorney will fight for you. Your qualified lawyer will work diligently to ensure your needs are met, and the other party doesn’t infringe upon your rights at any time.

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