Construction sites are home to many types of construction equipment. There are many different types of tools utilized in order to construct projects such as buildings, monuments, and facilities. Tools like core drills, cranes, lifts, jackhammers, nail guns, etc. are used every day on construction sites to make the average worker’s life a little bit easier and a lot less stressful.

Construction equipment play host for many construction site accidents no matter how small they are. Larger size construction equipment such as vehicles and large power tools also play a large role in many construction site accidents. In most cases accidents are the result of negligence issues such as misuse and improper maintenance but it can also be the result of manufacturers who have developed the machinery as well.

Thousands of construction workers are killed or gravely injured every year due to serious accidents involving construction equipment. It’s imperative that safety precautions are always undertaken before handling construction equipment by all those involved. Ketover & Associates, LLC has been involved in handling cases related to personal injury for many years. We know the complexities involved in such cases and are more than prepared to handle any case of this nature.

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