Child Custody

Ketover and Associates is thoroughly familiar with New York State laws regarding child custody and visitation. Our child custody attorneys have effectively represented clients in divorces and other family law actions that involve all forms of child custody and visitation cases. Our firm has represented clients with the following types of custody and visitation issues:

  • Sole custody
  • Joint custody
  • Parenting plans and visitation rights
  • Parenting plan modifications
  • Child relocations

In the event of a separation or divorce, important decisions must be made that could significantly impact the lives of your children. There are laws that set parameters and issues the court must consider when determining custody. In a custody and visitation case, the court will be asked to make judgments that are based on the best interests of the child, ultimately deciding which parent will provide the most advantageous circumstances in raising the child. Custody and visitation cases are extremely detail sensitive, each case being decided on its own merits. In some cases the courts appoint an attorney to act as an advocate for the child. An Attorney for the Child is exactly what it sounds like; an attorney that will represent, advocate and make recommendations to the court on behalf of the child or children. The court also will sometimes order that a forensic psychologist be appointed to conduct a forensic evaluation and make a recommendation to the court.

At Ketover and Associates our child custody attorneys are committed to guiding you through every step of a child custody and visitation action. We approach each case with dignity and compassion. We recognize that our responsibility is not only to our clients, but also to promote the best interests of the children involved.

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